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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A year of changes.

What a year.  

I look back with a heart of thankfulness for the Lord and his goodness.  "Give thanks to the Lord for He is good;  His love endures forever."  Ps. 136:1

Looking back over this year I know that I would NOT have chosen or planned the things that happened.  A lot of my worst nightmares....things that I thought would never happen.....came true.  There is a part of me that will always ache from the hurt that this year has brought me.  There have also been times of great joy this year which I will never forget.  Just as there have been so many unexpected heartbreaks there have been so many unexpected blessings.  I am amazed at each one of them.  I have so much more than I deserve.   

2013 was a year of so many firsts for me as I'm sure it's been for many of you.  
Just to name a few....  

First smart phone
First big bouquet of flowers sent to me on Valentines day
First time ever sending a text message!
First time getting to counsel at the Wilds
First time teaching a class of 25
First time teaching and managing over 18 private students
First time loosing a close friend my age 
First history tour of Virginia 
First Thanksgiving at the beach 
First time kayaking on the ocean 

The beginning of the year was spent with my dear friend, Mark.  The summer was spent with campers.  The fall was spent with students.  I'm grateful for each one of these unique seasons and what I learned through the fun and hard times of each one.  

Several of my best friends moved to different states this year.  Lots of good friends have gotten married.  TONS of friends have gotten engaged, and I'm so excited for them!  Things are just...so much different than they were before.  I guess it's all a part of growing up.  

My faith in God has really been tested this year.  I definitely had a lot of questions and had to just....trust.  It wasn't always easy, but I was glad to know that God is sovereign over all.   I'm not sure why God would allow me to become best friends with someone only to take them away suddenly and violently just a few months later....without even a chance to say goodbye.  But then again, I don't know why He would choose to bless me with great health and safety and so many wonderful students this year.  May we remember that we are nothing and we are not entitled to anything.  God doesn't owe us comfort.  We are indebted to Him for his mercy and grace. 

And so I end how I began.... "Give thanks to the Lord for He is good;  His love endures forever."  Ps. 136:1

I've said several times that I don't think I could take another 2013.  However, if it takes another year like this to make me more like Christ then I pray that I would be willing to take whatever this new year will bring. I'm sure you've had a year of lots of high and low points as well.  Remember to give thanks for the joys and the pains of life and remember that everything we have is a gift from God.  Don't overlook the blessing that can be found in your trials.  God is even working through those to make you know Him better than last year.  

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