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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A letter from India

In 2004, I put together gifts in a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child, wrote a letter to whatever child would receive it, and included my address asking for them to write me back.  I wrapped the box and put a label on the it "BOY 10-14."  Well, in May of the next year I get a letter back from a 17-year-old son of an evangelist in India named Billy Graham who had received the box I packed.  I have since been corresponding with the family--not much, but at least a letter a year.  I just got a Christmas/New Year's card in the mail from them and wanted to share it with you.  This family is totally sold out for the Lord and has an amazing ministry to the spiritually and physically needy in South India.  Please pray for Pastor Moses and his work.

"Greetings in Jesus name.  Hope you are doing well.  We are fine by your valuable prayers.  I praise God for you being a blessing to my family.  I was personally encouraged to do more for God.  Thanks for ministering in India by your prayers though which many are receiving Jesus as their Savior.  

May this year 2011 be a blessing to bless many people of many nations, use you mightily for His glory!  AMEN.  Last year 2010 God has helped us to reach and share the Good news with many people.  Help the poor through your love and prayers.  As of no we have four congregations where we regularly reach and conduct workshop services.  I have three sons who help me in the work.  We also reach many new villages where the gospel is not yet heard.  Apart from this, we did conduct outreaches and gave food to poor widows and orphans.  And also we could start Nellipudu Church Construction.  

It is my vision to reach the Lost, Encourage poor village pastors and stand with them in preaching the gospel and see people delivered, Help the poor widows (Who have none to help) and (Lepers who are abandoned by society) and offer food and shelter for them.  I just want you to keep the widows, lepers, and pastors in your prayers and share this need with your friends who can help them and also pray for the church construction in Nellipudi which is in the slab stage and requires your prayers and support for the completion.   

You are always welcome to visit my place and see the work here in India.  This year I would like to start an orphanage to feed orphans as I can't see them suffering.  Please join me in making this possible.  I would be happy to provide any information if you need.  Please share this with your friends or family who can help them.  

Please uphold me and the work here in your daily prayers.  I assure my prayers.  If God puts in your heart to help in any kind, below is the information."  

Yours in His Service,
Pastor John Moses and Glory Kumari
South India

(edited slightly for readability.  if any of you would like to know how you can help, just let me know and I can send you the info.)  

His email address is pastor_moses45@yahoo.com.  I'm sure he would love some encouraging emails.  :)

His website is http://lcm4india.weebly.com/index.html  if you would like more info on his ministry.

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