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Monday, December 27, 2010

What's most important to you?

Friends, I don't know about you, but lately I've discovered many things in my life that have been taking first place in my heart and mind.  What do you seek to fulfill you?  What takes up the best part of your day and what do you spend your best energy on?  Is it Jesus?  I'm afraid that for me, it's not been.  I just watched this little video that you might enjoy if you struggle with this as well (and we all do!) http://www.setapartgirl.com/set-apart-thots.html

Remember that even the best things in life---like ministry, good edifying friendships, or even your family can become an idol in your life if you let it take priority above time with the Lord.  Those things are wonderful gifts, but you have to be able to lay them on the altar---to be willing to give them up. 

Then God said, “Take your son, your only son, whom you love—Isaac—and go to the region of Moriah. Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering on a mountain I will show you.” --Gen. 2:22 

And Jesus answered him, “It is written, “‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and him only shall you serve.’"  --Luke 4:8

"Do not worship any other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God."  --Ex. 34:14

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